"BOEING BUSINESS JET 2 (BBJ2): V.I.P Aircraft Charter!"

The aircraft's 120-minute cockpit voice recorder (CVR) and the flight data recorder (FDR) were supplied by L-3 Communications.

"BBJ 2 Jet Charter Services"
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The aircraft has two CFM56-7B27 turbofan engines developed by CFM International, a company jointly formed by General Electric of the USA and Snecma of France.

Three to seven auxiliary tanks by PATS, Inc. based in Georgetown, Delaware, provide additional fuel to bring the total maximum fuel capacity to 39,531l.

The aircraft has hydraulically operated retractable landing gear in a tricycle configuration.

"BBJ 2 Charter Flights"
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The main landing gear wells have no doors but instead the wheels form the wheel well seals that are visible on the underside of the fuselage towards the trailing edge of the wing.

The landing gear is equipped with oleo-pneumatic shock absorbers supplied by Boeing and either Honeywell or Goodrich heavy duty wheel brakes.

The aircraft is equipped with a Honeywell (formerly AlliedSignal) enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS) and an airborne navigation data recorder (ANDR), digital flight data acquisition unit (DAFU) and a quick access recorder supplied by Teledyne.

The Rockwell Collins Series 90 avionics system is integrated with a dual automatic direction finding (ADF), TCAS II traffic alert and collision avoidance system, plus a predictive windshear unit.

"BBJ 2, Private Jet Charter"
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The navigation suite includes dual Rockwell Collins navigation multimode receivers, incorporating a global positioning system (GPS), instrument landing system (ILS) and a VHF omni-directional radio range navigation aid with data from the distance measuring equipment (VOR/DME).

Design-wise, the BBJ2 closely resembles the B737: its low swept wing, under-wing engines, vertical fin and retractable tricycle landing gear. Making corporate, long-range missions possible, the BBJ2 utilizes nine auxiliary fuel tanks.

In addition to staff or family sleeping or seating areas, personal environments can be created, for example, with a living room, dining room, a master bedroom and bathroom, or two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The interior designer works within an interior completion allowance of 7,030kg.

Built-in airstairs give self-sufficiency at airports with reduced ground support. The cargo holds are easily loaded, with a maximum cargo volume of 34.7m³.

"BBJ 2 Charter Private"
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The flight deck accommodates the pilot and co-pilot and incorporates many features of the Boeing 737-800.

The glass cockpit has a Rockwell Collins Flight Dynamics HGS-4000 head-up display and six Honeywell flat-panel liquid crystal flight displays.

With maximum fuel and a lower baggage hold cargo volume of 800ft³ the range is 5,500 nautical miles.

"BBJ 2 Private Airliner"
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Boeing Business Jet 2 (BBJ2) carries on a long line of Boeing Business Jets where the V.I.P model has been gutted and made into a luxury home in the sky."


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