"GRAND CARAVAN EX, Turboprop Air Charter!"

The new model will maintain its 208B designation, but it will give operators a great deal more power, thanks to a new Pratt & Whitney turboprop engine — the PT6-140 — which Pratt developed expressly for the EX.

"Interior Grand Caravan EX"
grand caravan EX interior
After a quick certification test program, Cessna earned FAA approval for the big bird early in the new year (2013).

The Caravan formula is legendary, and for good reason. Customers keep lining up for it because the airplane makes them money.

"Grand Caravan EX Plane Charter"
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With the Caravan, you get a roomy cabin, the economy of a single-engine airplane, the ruggedness of a super cub and the simplicity of multipiston aircraft.

This is all rolled into one gargantuan utility machine that can hold a prodigious combination of cargo and passengers.

This infusion of Pratt & Whitney goodness gives EX operators better takeoff and landing numbers, better hot-and-high performance, better rates of climb and better cruise air speeds, all with the Caravan’s legendary easy flying manners.

Mod packages have been around for some time, clearly proving the point that more power brings better runway performance and a much greater rate of climb while costing just a bit in fuel efficiency.

"Grand Caravan EX Charter Flights"
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With the EX, the increase in power is nearly 20 percent, and the attendant improvements in rate of climb, takeoff distance and cruise airspeed are true to form, around 20 percent or better.

This means that the Caravan EX is a much better approximation of a transportation airplane than ever before.

Moreover, the size of the EX interior puts the cabins of most light jets to shame. On longer trips, the greater speeds and higher ceilings of light jets obviate most of the Caravan’s advantages.

"Grand Caravan EX Airplane Charter"
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The executive interior, dubbed the Oasis interior. It has become the bestseller for Cessna, which, like other airplane companies, has found that buyers will more often than not opt for the very best.

The Oasis is just that, with comfortable and highly adjustable seats available in soft leathers.

There are great fabrics, a lot of natural lighting, LED illumination for when it gets dark, and available air conditioning.

It’s also quiet, with noise levels in the back comparable to or quieter than you’d find in a light jet. Part of the reason for that is the prop is turning at 1,900 rpm.

The only difference with the EX and the regular model is you do have something extra — about 200 shp of extra power.

"Cabin Grand Caravan EX"
grand caravan EX cabin, interior private aircraft, airplane charter flights

"The Grand Caravan EX, Turboprop Aircraft" lets you spend more time in the air — moving product, moving people, generating revenue — and less time on the ground servicing your Aircraft.

Whatever your mission, you and your passengers can enjoy luxury features, optimal functionality, and endless comfort.


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