"Charter Flights, in a Epic E1000"

Epic E1000 seating
There are not many single-engine turboprop airplanes on the market for the Epic E1000 to compete against once it achieves certification.

However, its high-speed cruise numbers and roomy cabin might help the Epic even win some light jet prospects, at least those who don’t demand the extra engine.

In addition to its speed, the E1000 boasts impressive range, payload and short-field performance.

Priced at $2.95 million the E1000 is powered by the 1,200-horsepower Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67A turbine engine.

Giving it a top speed of better than 325 knots, a max range of 1,650 nautical miles, climb rate over 4,000 feet per minute, ceiling of 34,000 feet, and full-fuel payload of 1,120 pounds.

The single turboprop Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67A produces 1,200 shp, offering a delightfully swift takeoff and making the E1000 the fastest turboprop aircraft on the market.

"Epic E1000 Private Aircraft Charter"
Epic E1000 seating

The well-proven and beloved Garmin G1000 avionics assist the pilot, along with thoughtfully engineered elements that ensure the safest flight from start to finish.

The Epic E1000 hits the sweet spot with an easy-to-fly, lightning fast plane capable of long range flights and big loads, all at lower operating costs.

Aircraft like the Twin Star DA-42, Pipistrel, Panthera, and the Lancair, Legacy FG are all very composite designs and significant new generation aircraft.

And the Epic E1000 certainly follows on in that vein, the only slight difference is this is not a light spec aircraft here, but a more larger General Aviation/Executive design.

And for molding those smooth sleek almost dolphin shaped designs you won't find any one who can do this better. The Epic is one nice looking aircraft.

These aircraft are very hard to dissect, because they are not built around a frame or modules, but are formed as a one piece moldings with the smaller components making up the whole.

So they can be unnaturally smooth and very hard to make interesting.

The aircraft its on a tri-cycle landing gear and they are quite tall and sits the aircraft well off the ground, the rear wheels are a trailing design and very well designed here.

The Epic E1000 Turboprop Aircraft has electronically-dimming windows which offer precision control over light, glare, heat and UV rays.

Configurable cabin seating optimizes passenger and cargo requirements. Once airborne, the technologically-advanced sound proofing reduces engine noise and enhances cabin comfort.


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