"FALCON 900LX Private Plane Charter"

The 900LX will make one of the most popular Falcon series much more capable, economical and environmentally responsible to operate – an issue that means more today than ever before."

"Facon 900LX Interior"
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The 900LX's improved aerodynamics makes it 55 to 70 percent faster than other airplanes in its class, extending the plane's range, and saving on fuel.

Since 1997 when Dassault debuted their first three-engine supersonic business jet, the company has made several breakthrough developments contributing to the success of today's midsize Falcon aircraft.

Most notably, the revamped 900LX offers record-setting efficiency thanks to its specialized wingtips.

"Facon 900LX Aircraft Charter"
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The Falcon's signature high mach blended winglets are specifically created to offer increased range and efficiency at high cruise speeds.

In practical terms, owners of the 900LX will enjoy an extended range to 9,000 km.

It delivers its range without changing the plane’s external dimensions or sacrificing any of its passenger cabin volume to crew rest areas. Intelligent, comfortable, flexible design.

The Falcon 900LX airplane is one of the most roomiest private jets in the heavy jet category.

"Facon 900LX Plane Charter"
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You can work in an airborne office with unrestricted internet access, or to rest peacefully on a full size bed.

Standard seating configurations for the 900LX consist of 8-12 seats.

The cabin design of the aircraft was incorporated from the Falcon 2000LX and 7X models.

The aircraft is equipped with the EASy II flight deck, which was approved by FAA and EASA in June 2011.

"Facon 900LX Airplane Charter"
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The flight deck accommodates two crew members and features four 14.1in flat-panel LCD screens and a cursor control device.

The cabin has a seating capacity of 12 to 19 passengers. It has three lounges and the seating arrangement includes a double-club four-seat group, a four-seat dining block and a three-place divan block.

"Charter Flights Facon 900LX"
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The cabin is covered with carpeting fabric, the seats and trim are made of leather and wood veneers and countertops are made from granite, marble and polystone.

Two dozen windows provide natural light for the cabin. The cabin is also equipped with a 3D world map, a pair of Blu-ray Disc players, satellite radio, iPod-interface, video-on-demand capabilities and Wi Fi internet access.

Ideal for oceanic routes, the Falcon 900LX’s third engine provides increased safety for long overseas flights, offering greater versatility in flight planning

"Facon 900LX Heavy Jet"
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The Falcon 900LX’s large cabin provides three separate living areas, allowing passengers to enjoy freshly cooked food from a fully equipped gallery.

The tri-jet configuration also puts thrust closer to the private aircraft centerline, lowering critical speeds for superior short field performance.

This is further enhanced by the leading-edge slats and double-slotted Fowler flaps of the low-drag wing.


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