It also needs less runway and climbs faster, plus it uses less fuel and is quieter both inside and outside.

On close inspection, it’s apparent that dozens of subtle drag-reducing mods were made to TBM 900, including adding inner main landing gear doors, recontouring the tail cone and reshaping the engine nacelle.

A small, sharp strake, ahead and below of the left wing leading edge, helps tame the entertaining, if not colorful, stall characteristics of earlier TBM models.

With its greater speed, TBM900 more effectively competes against light jets. It’s actually faster on a 600-nm mission and it burns 26% less fuel than the Cessna Citation Mustang, according to B&CA’s May 2014 Purchase Planning Handbook.

The cabin is nice too. It’s a standard club cabin, but Daher-Socata offers it in an easily convertible form as well. You can add a potty chair, but privacy is not ideal.I

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