"Very Light jets $2,000/hr up to $3,350/hr."
"Light jets $3,200/hr up to $5,800/hr."
"Super Light jets $4,500/hr up to $6,200/hr."
"Midsize Jets $5,900/hr up to $7,300/hr."
"Super Mid Size Jets $5,900/hr up to $7,400/hr."
"Large Jets $6,000/hr up to $10,000/hr."
"VIP Airliners $10,000/hr up to $30,000/hr."
"Turboprops $1,200/hr up to $3,700/hr."
"Helicopters $400/hr up to $8,000/hr."
"RATES & COSTS on Private Jets" and "Aircraft Charters" with us eliminates all the costs, and you only pay for the exact "Private Jet Aircraft" you need and the trip you take, nothing more. We also offer a wide selection of "Concierge Services."


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