The Citation CJ1+ (Plus) Private Jet start’s at $2,100 per hour and up. The Citation CJ1+ (Plus) Private Jet.



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"Citation CJ1 Plus, Information!"

The third-generation Citation Jet, built from mid-2005 to late 2010, has FADEC-equipped engines with slightly more thrust, increased operating weights and an upgraded interior compared to the CJ1.

Cessna only built 102 CJ1+ (s.n. 525-0600 to -0701) because the Great Recession, along with fierce competition from the larger and less expensive Embraer Phenom 100, forced it out of production.

On the pre-owned market, the aircraft now sells for $2.0 million to $3.0 million, or more, depending upon the year, usage and condition.

Typically equipped, these aircraft can carry four occupants 1,300 nm at high-speed cruise and land with 100-nm NBAA IFR reserves.

Short field performance long has been a strong suit of Citations and the CJ1+ does not disappoint.

"Citation CJ1+ (Plus) Private Jet Charter"
cessna citation cj1 Plus
The CJ1+ needs only 3,250 ft. of runway when departing a sea-level, standard-day airport, and 5,890 ft. of pavement when departing B&CA’s 5,000‑ft. elevation, ISA+20C airport.

It can climb directly to FL 410 in 27 min. and cruise at 357-377 KTAS once level, depending upon weight and assuming ISA temperatures.

The aircraft is ideal for single-pilot operations and the upgrade to the FMS-3000 provides full 3-D navigation capability, including the ability to fly to published or pilot defined vertical waypoints.

Jeppesen electronic charts, SafeFlight angle-of-attack indexers and back-up FMS-3000 or Garmin GPS-500 are worthwhile options.

Stay with dual Collins FMS-3000 boxes and they’ll talk to each other.

But, the Garmin box is powered by the emergency battery buss, so it’s available in the event of a dual generator failure.

The cabin is 4.8-ft. wide with a rather narrow floor. All interior lights are long life LEDs. Each chair has a pair of cup holders in the side wall arm rail.

There is club seating for four with fore/aft and inboard/outboard chair movement and up to 45 degrees of seat back recline.

Another of the CJ1+’s strong points also contributes to its low operating cost: the simplicity (but reliability) of its flight systems. Its cockpit has been significantly improved from the CJ1 to offer the latest technology for situational awareness.

The benefit of having such simple operational requirements is that it this private jet can generally be operated by a single pilot, which provides excellent flexibility in flight operations.

"Citation CJ1 Plus, Private Jet Charter!"

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"Citation CJ1 Plus, Private Airplane!"

Strap into a CJ1+ and you’ll feel as comfortable as when you slip on your favorite shoes.

"Citation CJ1+ (Plus) Exterior"
cj1 Plus
The main passenger cabin has a 5-in. dropped aisle that provides 4.7 ft. of headroom.

Flight plan this aircraft at 360 kt. You can operate out of most smaller general aviation airports and fly between most landing facilities in the U.S. with a single refueling stop.

The aircraft is impressively quiet inside for a light jet and so easy to fly that it makes turboprops feel complex and challenging.

We especially like its short- and long-period pitch stability, soft-touch trailing link landing gear and sure-stop braking action.

"Citation CJ1+ (Plus) Jet Charter"
citation cj1 Plus interior
Use of the ground spoiler/60-deg. flap, lift dump function, along with reduced engine ground idle speed, enhances stopping performance, especially on contaminated runways.

There is a lot of competition in this end of the market.

The Embraer Phenom 100 has a much larger cabin and better fuel efficiency, but slower cruise speeds and less sprightly runway performance.

The Premier 1/1A also has a considerably larger cabin and higher cruise speeds, but inferior runway performance.

CJ1+ now has been replaced by the fourth-generation Citation M2, a faster, better equipped and plusher version of the CitationJet.

"Citation CJ1+ (Plus) Charter Flights"
cj1 Plus inside
The M2 is putting downward price pressure on the CJ1+ market, providing purchasers with leverage. Outside of the Citation family, there are larger and roomier aircraft in this class.

But, few have the everyday utility, short-field performance and efficiency of CJ1+.

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