Cabin Height: 4' 2"
Cabin Width 4' 7"
Range, 825nm
Passengers: 4
The ECLIPSE 500 very light jet was a revolutionary Very Light Jets. Offering competitive performance, an innovative avionics system, and a sleek and comfortable design, the "Eclipse 500" was a great buy for smaller-scale, private jet users.

eclipse 500
The ECLIPSE 500 very light jet introduced a radically new category called the Very Light Jets (VLJ). The twin-turbofan Private Jet nicely combines reliability, fuel efficiency, and simplicity in a sleek and stylish casing.

This is a dramatic departure from today's commercial airline system, which forces 70 percent of all air travelers to pass through 29 increasingly crowded "hub" airports.

The airplane itself is a remarkable thing. It's small, which is the whole idea behind the model. The Eclipse 500 body is just as important to its competitive advantage as its performance.

eclipse 500, very light jet, aircraft interior
Although classified as a light jet, the Eclipse 500 can accommodate up to 6 seats, making it just right for individual/small company ownership.

The ECLIPSE 500 main objective of Albuquerque-based Eclipse Aviation was to construct "Private Jet" that was affordable (less than $1 million), yet still offered great performance and amenities.

eclipse 500, private jet, charter aircraft, charter flights
The Eclipse 500 Aircraft building process was a bit of trial and error. The "Eclipse 500" first flew in August 2002, using the Williams EJ22 fanjet engines, each having 770 lbs of thrust. Ongoing issues forced Eclipse to seek another engine.

The ECLIPSE 500 has a lot to offer in terms of performance. Having a maximum cruise speed of 370 knots true airspeed and the ability to fly at an altitude of 41,000 feet, the 500 is highly competitive with other very light jets, such as the "Citation Mustang" and the "PHENOM 100." The Eclipse 500 is capable of 0.64 Mach speed.

eclipse 500 private air charter aircraft flights rental plane
ECLIPSE 500 PRIVATE JET CHARTER with all-leather seats and stowable inboard armrests come in the LX edition. A work/dining table and cupholder come standard (the LX edition comes with three).

"The Eclipse 500 Private Jet" has a very stylish interior. The interior measurements are: 148 inches in length; 50 inches in height; 5 6 inches in width. Inside, the Eclipse is small, but feels comfortable. Customers can choose a five- or six-seat interior.

eclipse 500, private jets
Standard seats feature leather outboard armrests, forward/aft adjustment, 85 degree fold-over function, 28 degree recline and seatback pockets.

Also, the cabin has all LED upper lighting. The Eclipse 500 Very Light Jet. At can be chartered for $1500 per hour and up.

The Eclipse 500 private jet start's at $800 an hour and up. Eclipse 500 Very Light Jet.



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"ECIPSE 500, Information"

Weighing in at exactly 6,000 pounds maximum takeoff weight, the EA500 weighs just 500 pounds more than a Beech Baron yet flies at 370 knots, compared with 202.

"Eclipse 500 Private Jet"
eclipse 500, private air charter, aircraft flights, charter aircraft
The EA500 is an all-metal airplane powered by a pair of Pratt & Whitney PW610F-A fadec engines producing 900 pounds of thrust apiece.

Eclipse estimates direct operating costs of around $600 an hour, and even if that's a little optimistic, there's no existing jet that comes close.

"Eclipse 500 Specifications"
"Passenger Capacity: 3-4."
"Excellent Short Runway Performance."
"Inter-Regional Range (600-1000 Miles)."
"Average Cruising Speeds."
"Baggage: 6 standard sized bags."
"Very Limited capability for tradeshow equipment, skis and golf clubs."
"WiFi and Entertainment Systems – Optional / Varies."

The entry door is a thing of beauty, light, compact and easy to operate. The cabin is, as you should expect on a 6,000-pound airplane, compact.

The Eclipse 500 is a small or "Very Light Jet" (VLJ) aircraft manufactured by Eclipse Aviation. The Eclipse 500 was one of the first VLJs, and one of the first charter aircraft without a bathroom on board.

The Eclipse 500 offers a sound-proofed cabin with four leather club style seats, LED lighting, tables and power outlets.

"Eclipse 500 Information"
"4 seat configuration."
"Economic fuel consumption."
"Cost effective flight to charter for short flights."

October 22, 2007 Eclipse Aviation has set a National Aeronautic Association (NAA) performance record to claim the title of the industry’s fastest jet aircraft weighing 10,000 pounds or less with its twin-engine Eclipse 500.

Not only was the record broken by a margin of 20 percent, and the jet used approximately 25 percent less fuel than the Cessna Citation Mustang which set the previous mark on September 22, 2007.

This new U.S. national speed record was set in the NAA record category of Class C, Aeroplanes - Very Light Jets (VLJ).

The Eclipse 500 enables travelers to fly point-to-point to more than 5,000 airports in the U.S. alone, ushering in an age where point-to-point private jet travel is available to everyone at affordable prices.

"Eclipse 500 Charter Jet"
eclipse 500 jets
Eclipse created this category with the manufacture of the world’s first very light jet - defined as a jet-powered airplane with a maximum gross takeoff weight of 10,000 pounds or less, holding a standard airworthiness certificate, and capable of carrying four or more passengers.

"Private Jet Charter, the Eclipse 500."

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The Eclipse 500 is a modern, affordable jet aircraft that costs significantly less than any other jet aircraft.

"Eclipse 500 Private Jet Charter"
eclipse 500lx
The Eclipse 500 is safe and substantially easier to operate than larger jet aircraft. This jet has the lowest cost of ownership ever achieved in a twin jet aircraft.

This aircraft brings the word "efficiency" into aviation, making it possible for commercial air passengers to move directly between cities on a quick, affordable and convenient basis.

There has never been a more green jet: It's extremely quiet: a full 40 dB quieter than the world's most stringent Stage 4 noise requirements.

Exhaust is released at a rate 50 times lower than regulatory limits. The plane is assembled using friction stir-welding, a green manufacturing process that produces no fumes.

Very Light – Entry Level Jets are efficient charter aircraft options, offering the comfort and capabilities of a Jet for short trips generally within a regions.

The Super Light Category offers improvements in range and or speed, as a hybrid of Light Jet and Mid-Sized Jet Capabilities possible because of advances in aircraft technology.

"Eclipse 500 Very Light jet"
eclipse 500, jet charter
The Very Light – Entry Level Jet category can fly non-stop between cities within Regions of the US, Europe and to and from the US to the Caribbean.

This categories performance allows the aircraft to land at the smallest regional and business airports, getting passengers very close to the most popular business and pleasure destinations.

Very Light – Entry Level Jets provide passengers with room to relax, converse, and work with cabin arrangements ranging from 3-4 passengers.

Baggage compartments generally cannot be accessed in flight but offer adequate storage space for standard baggage.

The previous record holder, a Cessna Citation Mustang set the record on September 22, 2007, flying the same route in two hours, 23 minutes, and 44 seconds (2:23:44), averaging 318.87 miles per hour (277.09 knots).

Using actual aircraft data as well as data obtained from the Citation Mustang’s flight planning guide, the Mustang used 1,330 lb (198.5 gal)cruising at FL400 while the Eclipse 500 used 987 lb (147 gal) cruising at FL320.

With oil prices climbing, we are proud to offer the Eclipse 500 as the most efficient VLJ to move travelers from Point A to Point B on a quick, affordable and convenient basis.

Having a small all-aluminum frame, the "Business Jet Aircraft" is considerably lighter than most, giving it an advantage in fuel-efficiency.

"Eclipse 500 V.L.J. Very Light Jet"
eclipse 500 plane
The Eclipse 500 offers performance characteristics and economics that are enabling realistic alternatives to today's commercial air travel system.

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