The Falcon 8X" delivers superior range and it is the only Ultra Long Range Jets that can use London City’s 3,934 foot (1,200 m) runway. And after takeoff, it can fly nonstop to Dubai or New York. Or departing Eagle, Colorado, an elevation above 6,500 ft (1,980 m), it can fly nonstop to Geneva, Switzerland in a Falcon 8X.

"The FALCON 8X Aircraft" has a 6,450 nm (11,945 km) range and outstanding short-field performance, the Falcon 8X links important city pairs nonstop and accesses 500 more Airports in the U.S. alone than its competitors. When designing the Falcon 8X, Dassault re-thought all major structures and systems, adapting and optimizing them into an integrated, efficient air-frame.


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