"Payment Terms."

"Client agrees to pay all costs, fees and expenses as set forth on the cost estimate quote and/or Charter Itinerary, as well as all additional costs and expenses associated with your flight (including, but not limited to, taxes, surcharges. Fees and any surprise charges that might arise and all fees listed above in Paragraph 3 section b. as well as damages that may arise during the flight because of the Client or passengers aboard the plane, and any damages as set for in Paragraph 8(g)."

(A) "Central Jet Charter Inc." may require either payment in advance or an acceptable credit card guarantee. By providing your credit card information, you authorize "Central Jet Charter Inc." to obtain payment from the issuer of the credit card you presented. If you do not make payment by another means, you agree to perform the obligations set forth I your agreement with your credit card issuer. However you will only be charged if "Central Jet Charter Inc." fails to receive payment from you within seven (7) days after receipt of an itemized invoice sent to you for completion of your flight. We may give additional time and reserve the right to give the Client additional time to pay."


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