Nextant G90XT Charter Flights" in this cosy cabin may cause problems for the larger passenger, but it’s hard to argue with the price tag.

"The NEXTANT G90XT" cabin will feature a wide range of passenger configurations from executive and VIP to high-density, mixed passenger- cargo utility and Air Ambulance.

"Aircraft Charter in the Nextant G90XT" is one of the most cost effective ways to travel in a "Private Aircraft." CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. "Nextant G90XT."

"The NEXTANT G90XT"Just like our "400XTi," the "Nextant G90XT" is all about craftsmanship without compromise. Each "Nextant G90XT" receives a refined, handcrafted, bespoke interior and striking paint scheme that allows you to admire your own corporate paint scheme while flying.


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