Crew: 1-2
Capacity: 6-10 passengers
Cabin Height 4' 8"
Cabin Width 4' 5"
Cabin Length 16 ft.
Baggage Capacity 62 Cu. Ft.
Range: 1,125 mi
The KING AIR 100 and the "Beechcraft King Air" family is part of a line of twin Turbo Prop Aircraft produced by Beechcraft. The King Air line comprises a number of models that have been divided into two families.

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The KING AIR 100 and 90 series are known as King Airs, while the Model 200 and 300 series were originally marketed as Super King Airs, with Super being dropped by Beechcraft in 1996 (although it is still often used to differentiate the 200 and 300 series King Airs from their smaller stable-mates).

The King Air 100 Turboprop was the first turboprop Aircraft in its class and has been in continuous production since 1964. It has outsold all of its turboprop competitors combined.

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It now faces competition from jet aircraft such as the Beechcraft PREMIER I and Cessna CITATION MUSTANG as well as newer turboprop aircraft including the "Piaggio" P180 "Avanti," and single-engine "Piper Malibu," "Meridian," "Pilatus PC-12," and "Socata TBM."

The B100 compares favorably to the A100 and contemporary turboprops produced by other manufacturers, but the success of the King Air 200 led to the end of production in 1983, after 137 B100s had been delivered.

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"The KING AIR 100" airframe manufacturer—which had been concerned about relying on a single powerplant supplier for its entire line of "King Air twin turbo props" and developed a Plan B: the Garrett TPE331-powered "King Air B100."

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"The King Air 100 Private Plane" series was a stretched derivative of the Model 90, with a higher gross weight of 10,600 pounds.

It used the wings, tail, and PT6A engines of the Beech 99 airliner and first flew in March 1969. So the "King Air 100 Turboprop"can get into a lot of the smaller Private Airports.

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Increased gross weights and more powerful PT6A-60A engines made the King Air 200 into a King Air 300. A stretch to the fuselage added more room and the 300 became the King Air 350 (technically, the model B300).

The King Air 100 compares favorably to the A100 and contemporary "turboprops" produced by other manufacturers, but the success of the "King Air 200" led to the end of production in 1983, after 137 B100s had been delivered. At can be chartered for $650 per hour and up.

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The King Air 100 private aircraft start’s at $1,200 per hour and up. The King Air 100 Private Aircraft.


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