Passenger Capacity:9-12.

Lavatory: Full.

Airspeed (M.P.H): 488.

Range (nm): 4,200.

Cabin Width: 8′ 2″.

Cabin Height: 6′ 1″.

Cabin Length: 28′ 5″.

Baggage Capacity: 115 cu. ft.

The Challenger 650 Private Jet is the redefinition of the ultimate in-flight experience, it has the industry-best overall value, proven reliability and efficiency. It has one of the biggest cabins in the ultra long range jet category and can seat up to 9-10 passengers comfortably.

challenger 650
The Challenger 650 Private Jet has new performance capabilities, and is another example of Bombardier’s industry leadership. A better standard equipped Aircraft than any other business jet in its class which provides customers with everything they need and more.

The Challenger 650 vision flight deck provides pilots with a new cockpit experience and unprecedented levels of both comfort and control.

"Widest-in-class and completely redesigned cabin with leading technology, setting new standards of comfort and connectivity."

"Fully equipped performance, featuring Bombardier Vision flight deck and optimized engines with higher thrust delivering shorter take-off field length and extra payload."

"Lowest-in-class direct operating costs and industry benchmarked reliability provide total peace of mind."

"Top rated customer service - 24/7 service with 14 regional support offices worldwide."

This is the best private jet in the industry’s best selling large platform, with an accumulation of over 5 million flight hours and airliner-level system redundancy.

Enhanced higher-thrust engines offer increased payload and runway capabilities, allowing more passengers even easier access to more business destinations. Central Jet Charter Inc. "Challenger 650."

challenger 650 interior
This Challenger series of aircraft sets the benchmark for dispatch reliability with numbers averaging above 99.9% Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your aircraft is ready for business whenever you are.

The Challenger 650 is a valuable asset to corporate clients. The newly-evolved GE engines with higher thrust deliver improved take-off field length, extra payload.

It has better range capabilities out of challenging Airports. The result: more operational flexibility and access to more of your business world with more passengers.

challenger 650, aircraft services, charter a jet, private jets
The Challenger 650 has superior creative masterwork inspired by the design of The Challenger 605 featuring attractive fluid lines and luxurious comfort.

It has industry leading wired and wireless connectivity as standard, new levels of control and infinite flexibility in its work and dining areas.

The Challenger 650 has A COMPLETE CABIN REDESIGN. A masterful expression of high-end design, craftsmanship, form and functionality.

The Challenger 650 which has the widest cabin in its class. Almost six inches wider than the closest competitor, the cabin takes comfort to the next level.

The Challenger 650 passengers experience which has exceptional seat width, integrated deployable headrests and ergonomic leg-rests for more comfort.

challenger 650, private jet charter, aircraft interior
The Challenger 650 new in-flight experience results in great part from a more efficient use of personal space.

The Challenger 650 has every opportunity to leverage the width advantage and elevate passenger comfort—working, dining, or relaxing—has been seized and to a stunning effect.

The Challenger 650 is new in Design. completely rethought, the exquisitely-appointed new galley increases counter space and optimizes appliance placement for new levels of efficiency and productivity.

The 72% larger oven can literally halve meal preparation times, of key importance with as many as 12 passengers on board.

The Challenger 650 is powered by two GE Aviation 9,220-pound-thrust CF34-3BMTOs, which have 5 percent more takeoff thrust than the CF34-3B engines on the 605. The additional thrust is pilot selectable via a new performance thrust setting.

challenger 650, private jets, charter aircraft, charter flights
The Challenger 650 is a refreshed version of the nine-year-old Challenger 605, featuring more powerful GE Aviation CF34-3B engines.

Improvements include wider seats, a galley with a temperature oven, more personal storage in and around the seats and an audio/video-on-demand system.

The Challenger 650 offers exceptional stand-up headroom, larger seats, more leg room, a flat floor throughout, and full in-flight access to baggage in an even more comfortable cabin.

The Challenger 650 Private Jet start’s at $5,600 per hour and up. The Challenger 650 Private Jet.

The Challenger 650 superior aesthetics, ergonomics and technology unite to engage passengers at every conceivable touch-point in the re-engineering of business aviation’s widest cabin—promoting productivity, enabling enjoyment or just ensuring better rest en route.

With impressive range and performance, flying near or far is a breeze with the Challenger 650.

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