Passenger Capacity: 19 – 149
Lavatory: Full
Airspeed (MPH): 469
Range (nm): 5,380
Cabin Width: 11′ 6″
Cabin Height: 7′
Cabin Length: 79′ 2″
Baggage Capacity: 640 cu. ft.
The BOEING BUSINESS JET, (BBJ) is the Elite of the Elite, and this is truly for a Special Occasion. Truly, the "BBJ" lacks nothing. For those who can afford it, it is the epitome of everything that could be desired in a Private Aircraft.

boeing business jet
BOEING BUSINESS JET (BBJ), is dedicated to bringing the best of Private Jet Aviation into the realm of private air travel. This Aircraft is a luxury home in the sky.

Boeing Business Jet offers a wide range of Boeing Jet choices which can be customized for the private, business, or governmental sectors for your trip.

"The BOEING BUSINESS JET (BBJ)" lavish interior features lounges, distinctive conference areas, a large lavatory with a shower, and comfortable sleeping accommodations.

boeing business jet specifications
BOEING BUSINESS JET, (BBJ) CHARTER for our customer base comprises people who put a high premium on mobility, for both their airplane and themselves.

"Boeing Business Jet" clients do not want to be immobilized when they travel, but prefer to live as they do on the ground, with access to an office, bedroom, shower, dining facilities, entertainment areas and more.

boeing business jet interior
"BOEING BUSINESS JET, (BBJ) CHARTER FLIGHTS" features a large living room, master bedroom, second bedroom/meeting room, three lavatories, and a spacious galley.

"Boeing Business Jet" additionally, this aircraft has over 500 cubic feet of baggage space and of course a beautiful Gallery. With non-stop range to Europe.

boeing business jet cabin
"BOEING BUSINESS JET, (BBJ)" standard galley, if chosen, comes with a microwave, oven, refrigerator and freezer, a sink with hot and cold water, food storage, and a trash compactor.

"Boeing Business Jet" entertainment systems generally include two DVD players, two VCRS, three multi-disc CD players, and satellite TV. In other words, the sky is the limit when designing the interior of the "BBJ."

boeing business jet private air charter aircraft airliner
BOEING BUSINESS JET (BBJ) AIRLINER is the product of a Boeing and General Electric joint venture to create a high performing aircraft.

"BOEING BUSINESS JET, (BBJ)" surprised customers and manufacturers by selling more than ever expected. The "Boeing Business Jet" (BBJ) introduced in 2001, the ultra-long range "BBJ2" has 25 percent more interior space and two times baggage space.

interior boeing business jet
BOEING BUSINESS JET, (BBJ) is a member of the venerated 737 family. The 737s collectively have over 60 million hours of flight time and are still in high demand in the commercial aviation market.

The BOEING BUSINESS JET, (BBJ) V.I.P. Airliner start’s at $10,000 per hour and up. The BOEING BUSINESS JET, (BBJ) V.I.P. Airliner.

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