The GLOBAL EXPRESS 6000 cruises majestically through the sky, and this Private Aircraft is the performance benchmark in the Ultra-Long-Range Jet category. This Private Jet was purpose-built to fulfill the desires of the most sophisticated and demanding business travelers without compromise, so give the Global Express 6000 a try.

The GLOBAL EXPRESS 6000 is an all purpose Aircraft built to fulfill the desires of the most demanding business travelers without compromise. With a cabin responsive to customer needs, the "Global 6000 Aircraft" offers the ultimate in spaciousness, privacy, luxury and comfort.

"Global Express 6000" has a well-appointed aft stateroom, and a separate and generous main cabin. Nothing has been overlooked in providing the ideal 12-hour-plus environment. Ready to fly when you are, with only a 30-minute notice, this "Private Aircraft" keeps a literal world of destinations at your fingertips with this Aircraft.

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