The Global Express 5500 is one of the newest privates made today.

"GLOBAL EXPRESS 5500, Information!"

The centralized media bay offers a generous storage area to give you the flexibility and convenience you need to connect all your personal electronic devices.

With Bombardier’s Ka-band technology, you are connected to the fastest internet connectivity in the industry.

Ka-band offers worldwide* coverage, unparalleled reliability, unparalleled streaming, and hyper-fast connectivity speeds to keep you connected wherever your travels lead you.

The Global 5500 aircraft delivers unmatched versatility – offering the perfect combination of range, speed, field performance and smooth ride.

The result is uncompromised performance engineered to get you where you need to be in total comfort.

The Global 5500 aircraft’s cabin management system is ultra-fast, reliable and supported by a fiber optic backbone.

Its intuitive design makes it simple to link to all devices so you can be as productive or connected, as you need to be.

Approach runways with confidence. The cockpit on the Global 5500 aircraft is the first in the industry to offer a true combined vision system.

"Jet Charter, GLOBAL EXPRESS 5500"


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