The Falcln 6x can be chartered at any time with just one call.

Known for their agility in the air, Falcons are just as maneuverable on the ground where their modest ramp presence means they can find a home in nearly any airport environment.

Whether conducting business or cementing relationships, there is no alternative to meeting people in person.

The Falcon’s excellent nonstop range and unique ability to land at small airports gets you closer to your destination.

The 6X’s maximum range is 5,500 nm (10,186 km). Its maximum speed is Mach .90.

It is capable of flying at Mach .85 for non-stop flights up to 5,100 nm (9,445 km), including Moscow to New York, Paris to Beijing, Los Angeles to London.

In addition, the 6X is very stable at the speeds and angles required at smaller airstrips, making takeoffs and landings safer and quicker.

Imagine flying nonstop between the most frequented international cities. Los Angeles to Geneva, Beijing to San Francisco, or Moscow to Singapore.

The Falcon 6X will expand your perspective on what is possible with a large jet.

A combination of power, performance and dependability, the Pratt & Whitney PW812D engine produces 13,000-14,000 pounds of thrust.

This is a true powerhouse that sets new standards in aircraft performance and fuel efficiency in the heavy business jet market.

It shares the same proven technology used in Pratt & Whitney’s award-winning commercial engines.

Four large windows provide exceptional, wide-angle visibility. The glare shield is even shaped to give pilots an expanded field of view.

Crew comfort is enhanced with greater legroom, and larger, more comfortable seats that can recline to 130 degrees.

"The FALCON 6X Private Jet"


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