PRIVATE JET CHARTER" with us, give us a try and you won’t be disappointed. We offer our clients the luxury, convenience, safety and security that only a "Private Jet Flight" can offer.

"Convenient access to "Private Airports" which may be inaccessible using standard routes, and larger "private planes."
"Your trip; your schedule, your time."
"Selection of any Airport or "private plane" of your choice."
"Access to Private terminals – FBO (Fixed Based Operators)."
"No lines, less invasive "Security" checks."
"Privacy aboard your private aircraft."
"Increased baggage allowance."
"Catering to your standards."
"Central Jet Charter Inc. can arrange flights with extremely short notice."
"PRIVATE AIRCRAFT CHARTER" in this age of increased security procedures, means "flying private" which can ensure the absence of extended security and boarding delays that inconvenience commercial passengers.


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