A midsize jet has an average cabin height of 5.5 feet. Like Light Jets, Mid-sized Jets are configured to seat 6 to 8 passengers.

"Midsize Jets" offer great room and have great range.
They are ideal for most trips and they come in a variety of configurations. "Private Jet Charter Flights" are just superb with us in these Aircraft!
"LEARJET 55" are very comfortable "Business Jets" because they typically include mini galleys, enclosed lavatories, entertainment features and comfortable leather captain’s chairs.
"Midsize Business Jets" offers larger baggage area (bring your golf bags) and more headroom than "Light Jets."
These "Private Jets" provide additional seating in spacious, often stand-up, cabins, with a longer range than Light Jets. "LEARJET 60XR"
With cruise speeds of up to 500 mph, these Private Jets are an excellent choice for those travelers looking to go nonstop on the very popular north-south trips.



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