"FALCON 900DX, Jet Charter!"
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The Falcon 900 is a development of the Falcon 50, itself a development of the earlier Falcon 20. It is one of only two tri-jets in production. The other one is the 7X.

At EBACE 2008, Dassault announced the Falcon 900LX incorporating high Mach blended winglets

The Dassault Falcon 900 is a three-engined corporate jet aircraft made by Dassault Aviation.

It, along with its smaller sibling the Falcon 50, and the Falcon 7X, an advanced development, are the only corporate jets currently produced with more than two engines (excluding larger airliner-type aircraft produced in business-transport configuration), also featuring an S-duct central engine.

With its high cruise speed the Falcon-900DX is best suited for medium and long range flights and is an excellent choice for trans-Atlantic operations.

Dassault has a well-earned reputation for building aircraft with outstanding aerodynamic refinement and handling qualities, as most pilots who have flown Falcons will attest.

The firm now is adding muscle to the lineup, starting with the Falcon 2000 certificated earlier this year, followed by the Falcon 900EX slated for certification in early 1996 and the Falcon 50EX in 1997.

The newest Falcon 900 not only has more robust climb performance, but also has the additional range and speed to challenge the Gulfstream IVSP for the title of heavy-iron champion, especially in light of the 900EX's unsurpassed, high-altitude, thrust-to-weight ratio.

One of the Falcon 900B's strong suits is cabin comfort; thus, the 900EX's cabin remains virtually identical.

"Jet Charter Falcon 900DX"
falcon 900dx, charter jets, charter planes

The 900EX demonstrator that we flew had a full production interior, complete with wool carpet, leather upholstery and polished wood-veneer cabinets.

The standard three-lounge configuration consists of a forward club section, a center conference area with four seats, and an aft executive section, having a single chair plus a three-place, side-facing divan.

The interior seats 12, but FAA passenger-restraint requirements may reduce capacity to 10 people, unless a waiver is obtained.

Additional facets are plenty of natural light from two dozen panoramic windows, and a full-service galley that allows two hot-meal preparations.


  1. The Falcon 900EX has one of the biggest cabins in it;s class.

  2. The Falcon 900DX is one of the newest jets made by dassault.


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