HIRE PRIVATE JETS" with us, that’s our ultimate Goal! Flying commercially provides you with just a few choices, coach or first class. "Central Jet Charter Inc." members have an entire fleet of Luxury Private Jets at their disposal.

"Quote before each flight, no hidden fees or unexpected charges."
"No blackout dates or peak period surcharges."
"Custom menus and the latest in-flight amenities, all coordinated by our 24/7/365 staff of professional flight coordinators."
"Central Jet Charter Inc." believes in transparency and equality. All clients pay the same prevailing "Private Aircraft" price and fees for like aircraft and share-sizes!

boarding private airplanes
We recognize that "Private Jet Travel" needs are as specialized and unique as our clients-that’s why we have access to over 10,500 "Private Aircraft" available worldwide including: fuel efficient "Turbo Props," sleek "Light Jets," "Midsize Jets," "Heavy Jets" and even "Helicopters."

"No monthly fees, No membership costs, and No long-term investment."
"20-30% savings when compared to fractional programs."
"Only 4-hours’ notice required for all of your travel arrangements."
"Access to more than 5,000 Aircraft and Helicopters in over 6,000 Airports worldwide."
"24-hour concierge service."
The professional pilots we use are the best and the brightest of Private Aviation. Every pilot exceeds FAA requirements and has a minimum of 5,000 hours of flight experience on a specific type of "Private Aircraft."

private aircraft boarding
Our "PRIVATE JET CHARTER" Concept: We also believe in transparency & integrity. All clients pay the same prevailing "Private Aircraft" price and fees for like Private Aircraft and share-sizes.

All Aircraft are certified under "FAA Regulations Part 135" as well, something we always abide by. We can be reached at We start our Jet Charter service for as low as $400 per hour and up.

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