citation longitude exterior
The Citation Longitude's stand-up, flat-floor cabin is customizable to meet your business and travel requirements.

It’s spacious cabin, with its double-club configuration, allows for the most legroom in the super-midsize class.

The fully berthable seating, designed specifically for this new larger-cabin line, has leveling and panning ability, giving passengers maximum comfort.

citation longitude jets, private aircraft
And thanks to that approach, the new $23.9 million Cessna Citation Longitude has comparatively few development risks, quite unlike the ill-fated Hawker that two decades ago pushed the technology envelope too far with its composite fuselage and complex systems.

For the first time, though, they’re able to use the best bits and pieces from both Citation and Hawker lines, now that former archrival Beechcraft Corp. has joined Cessna as part of Textron Aviation.

Company officials are playing down any direct link between the Hawker and Longitude, but the wings and empennages of the two aircraft bear uncanny similarities.


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