It's usually very easy to upgrade or downgrade and book different sized aircraft and many charter card providers offer a full service concierge to arrange all your travel needs.

If you charter aircraft several times a year, a charter card can save you the hassle of finding a plane and negotiating rates each time you want to fly. Charter cards also offer all the standard advantages of flying privately.

Charter companies and the US charter fleet adhere to Part 135 of FAA regulations. Planes are operated under industry specific security and safety standards.

There is an average of two pilots per plane, and extensive security checks for pilots and ground staff prior to hiring.

Many of the top charter card companies have additional safety and security standards over and above the FAA's.

Money that you put down for your card usually goes into an escrow account. Be sure to ask about the details on this and how money can be drawn down from this account as you travel. We hold the money in our general account fully refundable at anytime.

They provide a lot of flexibility and depending on the service provider offer several unique benefits which have contributed to their popularity.

These include no long term contracts and no monthly management fees. They allow individuals or businesses to maximize their productivity and improve their image, without tying up large capital amounts in executive aircraft.

Consider your options before you charter a private jet and consider the level of service that comes with a private jet charter company.

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