Passenger Capacity: 12 – 19

Lavatory: Full

Airspeed (MPH): 475

Range (nm): 4,100 – 4,750

Cabin Width: 7′ 8″

Cabin Height: 6′ 2″

Cabin Length: 33′ 2″

Baggage Capacity: 127 cu. ft.

The Falcon 900DX heavy jet with Dassault has 44 years in the industry, Dassault-Aviation’s Falcon family is comprised of highly-reputable, two- or three-engine Business Jets. Evolved from the original long-range "Falcon 900," the "Falcon 900DX" is just one step down from the top-performing EX.

falcon 900dx, private jet, charter aircraft
The Falcon 900DX private jet offers all but a few of the EX’s competitive performance capabilities, the "Falcon 900DX" is a value at under $35 million. The Falcon 900DX was introduced in 2005 and continues to be manufactured today. The Falcon 900DX Aircraft comes standard with the new, highly intuitive EASy flight deck.

The Falcon 900DX Private Aircraft fill's a niche between the Falcon 2000EX and the other Falcon models.

The Falcon 900DX offers a unique combination of capabilities and exceptional features to our customers, while providing an unprecedented value in a Private Jet.

Dassault modified the design of the former Falcon 900’s to create a more reliable, better performing Aircraft.

Typical seating allows 14 passengers to travel in exquisite comfort on flights up to 4,000 miles. Maximum range is achieved with 7 passengers.

falcon 900dx, private air charter
The Falcon 900DX Private Airplane frame is almost entirely constructed of carbon fiber and Kevlar (featured specifically in the tailcone, radome and cabin doors).

The Falcon 900DX has a lower takeoff speed, placing more thrust accumulation near the centerline.

It can climb to its initial cruise altitude (FL370) in just 17 minutes, one minute faster than the superior EX, and travel 4,000 nautical miles.

The DX’s high speed cruise is 474 knots and its flight ceiling is a substantial 51,000 feet.

It gains in runway requirements as an exchange for a lower maximum takeoff weight. "Falcon 900DX Aircraft."

falcon 900dx, private air, charter aircraft
True to Dassault form, the cabins of the "FALCON 900DX Airplane" can be summed up in one word: spacious.

The Falcon 900DX has one of the largest cabins in its class, measuring 6.2 feet high, 39 feet long and a generous 7.7 feet wide. And its appeal doesn’t stop there.

It features key executive-travel Aircraft Amenities including phones, fax, SATCOM, data link, copier computer, video screens, television, custom executive desk, and conference tables.

The Falcon 900 series has been one of Dassaults best-performing Aircraft.

However, few wide-body Aircraft in the market compelled Dassault to produce a wide-body, shorter range line: the "Falcon 2000."

falcon 900dx, jet flights, jet charter, airplane services
The Falcon 900DX Private Airplane enables non-stop flights across the globe, matching city pairs like Geneva and Detroit or New York and Athens.

Likewise, Caracas and Paris can be as easily connected as Chicago and Rome.

The Falcon 900DX Private Plane has very high standards of engineering, structural quality, and technological advancement are at the forefront of the Dassault Family thinking.

The Falcon 900DX ultra long range jet start’s at $5,500 per hour and up. The Falcon 900DX Private Jet.


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