"Bell Jet Ranger."




"Robinson R44."

"Long Bell Jet Ranger."


"Airbus Helicopters."

"Helicopter Ambulance."

Helicopter Charter in all major U.S. Cities. We can set up your helicopter trip in any type and size helicopter! Whether it be a Helopter tour or flight we will get you the right type of helicopter for your trip. Bell Jet Rangers, Eurocopters, Robinson R-44 and Sikorskys which can seat from one passenger up to 14.

Helicopter Charter will maximize your leisure time. Helicopter tours in all major U.S. Cities. Helicopter's for any types of occassions. The helicopters are generally rented by the hour and cost $400 an hour and up depending on the size of the helicopter. Areil photography is also available or if you just need to get from one place to another

"Affordable, convenient and uninterrupted "Helicopter travel," avoid the traffic jams and scheduled service delays."

"Possibility of landing directly at a number of convenient locations, hotels, restaurants and other venues."

"Superb method of transport to unusual locales such as shooting, fishing or skiing destinations."

"Ideal for special events: arrival of a VIP or whisking honeymooners away after their ceremony."

Not only is Private Helicopter Charter a convenient and efficient way of getting around for VIPs and executives.

Helicopters also make a good impression, viewed as it is as a particularly stylish mode of transport.

But helicopter travel is no longer the reserve of the rich and famous, far from it.

interior helicopter
Helicopter Charter services for any occasion. Whether you are taking a quick trip to the airport or heading site seeing for the weekend.

A helicopter charter offers a quick, easy and comfortable alternative for travel in and out of different areas.

Helicopter Charter pricing depends on the type of helicopter you want. corporate executives and V.I.P. air travel have historically made great use of the helicopter charter option.

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When one thinks of helicopter air travel, one immediately thinks of the rich and famous, who use helicopters to travel to important corporate meetings and show business events.

Ensuring they both arrive speedily, unencumbered by such issues as traffic and security, and in style at business or public events, enabling them to make a grand entrance, and also exit.

helicopter rental, helicopter flight, helicopter rental
Helicopter rental is what we do in all major U.S. Cites and through out the Country.

Private jets are also typically used to carry greater numbers, as well as cargo, although this obviously varies according to the type and model of jet, while helicopters are perfect for smaller groups, with less freight.

Helicopter Charter is a great way to go. For the fastest and most convenient ways to get in-and-out of major cities or locations far away from private airports, private helicopter service is the fastest way to go and these small airports.

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Helicopter tours with us weather it be when you choose our corporate, executive or commuter helicopter charter, airport transfers, cinematography or courier services, many will choose Central Jet Charter Inc.,

The Helcopter Charter start’s at $400 per hour and up. The Helicopter Charter Tours. https://centraljetcharter.com/helicopters.html


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