"The Honda Jet"
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Given their cost-effectiveness and convenience it's not surprising that the market for VLJs has been soaring, with average annual growth of 284% pa from 2006-2010.

While the market for VLJs has been steady, the industry itself has not – several of the manufacturers we covered back in 2007 have gone out of business.

Backed by Sikorsky, the new company Eclipse Aerospace announced that it planned to start production on its new Eclipse jets, the 550.

"The Phenom 100"
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The current segment leader is the Cessna Citation Mustang which first entered service in 2006. There are now more than 375 Mustangs in the skies.

Honda is very much moving ahead with the Honda Jet and started in 2012. The aircraft are being built in a brand new facility in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The main reason to fly commercial is distance. The VLJs have a fairly limited range – about 1,260 miles (1,100 nautical miles) is standard. So you can’t take the jet for those lonely commutes between Denver and Tokyo. But you could take it nonstop from Detroit to Houston , or from Las Vegas to Oklahoma City.

In short, VLJs make private jet travel economical, fast, and useful. While air travel becomes more and more accessible, VLJs such as the Eclipse 500 prove that it can be enjoyable, too – a fact that brokerage companies and business travelers alike are noticing

Compare the cost of flying four people from Boulder to Dallas and back on a first-class flight; the airlines quote $5,600.

"The Phenom 100"
exterior phenom 100, outside phenom 100, jet charter, phenom 100
The same trip in the Eclipse 500 would total more but not by a lot (for fuel, maintenance, insurance, etc), plus any ownership-related costs. When compared side-by-side, the advantages of flying commercial become almost non-existent.

Ready for a shock? There was a time when air travel used to be luxurious. Don’t laugh, there really was a time when passengers would look forward to flying – they could even bring their dangerous weapons on board – namely, shampoo and tweezers.

Well-off travelers are still traveling in luxury on privately chartered flights, something out-of-reach for most – until very light jets became an option.

The Premier II is a great choice for shorter trips and distances because it is one of the smallest private jets made.

"Very Light Jets"
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The actual commute to the airport is much shorter as well. For a businessman in Boulder, the nearest airport suitable for VLJs is just 10 minutes away from the city center.

Alternately, two other small airports are just 15 minutes away if the Boulder Municipal Airport won’t do. The jet can be airborne 15 minutes after the passengers’ arrival – their jet, their schedule.

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