Cabin Length 16' ft. 8"

Cabin Height 5' ft. 9"

Cabin Width 6' ft. 1"

Seating (Crew + Pax) 2 + 7 / 9*

Max Cruise Speed 289 kt 535 km/h

Max Range (Ferry + 1 Pilot) 1,791 nm

*2 optional Fold Up Seats

Rate $1,200 – $1,800/hr.

The Piaggio Avanti Private Aircraft is the new flagship business aircraft, by Piaggio Aerospace. They set out to merge world-class customer support with a breakthrough product that combines style, efficiency, performance and cost effectiveness."

Piaggio Avanti
The Piaggio Avanti Private Aircraft makes pioneering design features the frontrunner in its class and earn it its advanced moniker, "Avanti" - literally ahead in Italian. The Avanti II gets its best range figures, up around 1,500 nm, at higher altitudes and lower fuel burns.

Piaggio Avanti specifications
Innovative 5-blade scimitar propellers and the historic 3LS three lifting surface configuration work together to give Avanti EVO unique aerodynamic performance in its class.

"The Piaggio Avanti Turboprop Airplane" sleek, instantly recognisable lines accomodate a remarkably spacious wisper quite cabin.

This offers passengers greater comfort than any other aircraft of its kind on the market.

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The Piaggio Avanti Private Airplane latest chapter in the story of an aviation legend, Avanti EVO is once again rewriting the rulebook on elegance and efficiency.

Combining lavish ‘Made in Italy’ style, meticulous attention to detail and groundbreaking aviation tech, Avanti EVO defies expectation.

The Piaggio Avanti mission has now been accomplished now thanks to Avanti EVO which has been successfully made the Piaggio Avanti.

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The Piaggio Avanti has extended range, superior climb performance, class-leading fuel economy.

It has a cabin that is custom-made to the most exacting standards, Avanti EVO is the most sophisticated Aircraft ever designed and built in its category.

Turning into reality what for generations few had dared to dream; an aircraft capable of blending the efficiency of a twin-engine turboprop with the performances of a Jet.

Piaggio Avanti inside, plane flights, aircraft flights, airplane flights
The Piaggio Avanti is a great Aircraft in a world that’s always moving faster, business aviation plays an ever more crucial role.

Business aircraft increases the efficiency and eliminate waiting times, making travel faster and time spent on board both more productive and more relaxing.

The Piaggio Avanti Private Aircraft fastest twin turboprop ever made, Avanti EVO achieves greater speed without compromising operating costs.

It runs at up to 30% less than a jet of the same size and boasting a support program that keeps maintenance costs at a rate guaranteed by the manufacturer.

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The Piaggio Avanti unrivalled efficiency of Avanti EVO comes complete with broad band and satellite connectivity in a cabin so spacious and comfortable that it feels like an office in the skies.

The Piaggio Avanti offers a refined and soothing environment equally suited to rest and recreation as it is to work.

The Piaggio Avanti private aircraft start’s at $850 per hour and up. The Piaggio Avanti.


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