"Rates & Costs: Private Jet Charter!"

The number of people and the amount of baggage you will be traveling with. So more people and/or more baggage will require a larger, more expensive aircraft.

"Central Jet Charter Services"
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Your return plans are another key pricing element, so if the plane just takes you one way and has to fly back empty you may end up covering the cost of that empty flight.

When it comes to business jet charter we are dedicated to the provision of an unequaled value in terms of Aircraft Quality, Safety, Reliability, Customer Service and Dependability

Our dedication to value motivates us to implement some of the most competitive pricing in the industry.

We have the capability to consistently deliver the most competitive private jet prices and hourly rental rates in the air charter industry is unsurpassed.

"Private Jet Rates"
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Our clientele enjoys savings of 20-40% below current market pricing and up to 75% below on empty legs and one-way specials.

Private jet hourly rental rates begin at 1200 USD per hour for a 4 passenger turboprop to 23,000 USD per hour for a VIP airliner with multiple showers and bedrooms.

Below you will find the average hourly rates based on jet category pricing as well as jet type pricing.

Many times clients will find noticeable differences between private jet charter prices for the same trip.

This is because charter jet prices are determined by a number of factors.

Most of the times charter professionals will give clients price quotes by estimating the cost by the hour. This however, does not always provide the most accurate estimate.

"Private Jet Quotes"
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In order to receive an all-inclusive price for a private jet charter, request for a hard quote by phone or email.

Hard quotes, also known as “final quotes” are based on the actual charter flight costs and are inclusive of all additional charter fees.

Soft quotes or instant quotes are used to quickly estimate or ball-park the price of a charter flight.

Where you want to go is very important since the distance between these two locations helps define the size of aircraft you will need.

Normally the primary factors in determining the price of a private jet charter trip are based on the aircraft class.

The total flight time to include re-positioning of the aircraft, the hourly rate to include fuel surcharge, landing fees, crew expenses, number of days between each leg of the trip, international fees and/or Federal Excise Tax.

It’s the first question everyone asks about private aviation, and the reason C.J.C .Inc., provides instant estimate prices for any flight (find out how much any private flight costs with our Quick Quote).

Private aviation pricing depends on a number of factors including aircraft availability, airport landing fees, and time between flights. But you might find a private flight could cost you less than you expect.

"Private Jet Charter Rates"
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We are utterly transparent when it comes to its all-inclusive services. Each private jet charter’s accurate, applicable fees are provided upfront.

Private jet charter rates with just one call and we will give you multiple options to choose from.

If you decide to book an aircraft charter, pay after the trip is over in some cases. In most cases, we will require prepayment.

Central Jet Charter Inc., can be reached at (617) 794-9000 or at pa(at) or at 2033 Valentine Avenue, Suite 50B, New York City, New York 10457 U.S.A. or at "". We can be reached 24/7/365.

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