It’s an everyday workhorse that offers unbeatable dispatch reliability, widebody cabin comfort and proven system technologies.

Nothing exotic or even exciting about this airplane, it’s purely a business transportation tool with bottom-line justification.

As long as Bombardier continues to make incremental product improvements and minimizes price increases, including on the new Challenger 650, the prospects for continued market demand remain upbeat for Challenger 600-series aircraft.

No other business jet can top the Bombardier Challenger 605 for its blend of cost effectiveness, low operating costs and cabin comfort, plus dispatch reliability and everyday utility.

"Jet Charter Challenger 605"

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Operators say they can fly it for $3,100 to $3,200 per hour, including fuel, maintenance and engine reserves. Dispatch reliability exceeds 99.8%.

More space efficient interior wall panels that increase usable headroom and width for passengers, sturdier worktables, better LED cabin lighting and a new cabin management system.

The galley has been redesigned for better ergonomics and more storage space, the lavatory is more comfortable and new acoustical insulation reduces interior noise.

"Challenger 605 Ultra Long Range Jet"

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Three standard cabin configurations are offered, all with a forward galley, forward, four-chair club section and a four-place, side-facing divan in the aft cabin. Plan 1 features two facing chairs across from the divan in the aft cabin.

"The Challenger 605" maintains every praised feature of its predecessor, adding freedom, innovation and performance capabilities. It’s no wonder that this $27 million long-range "Private Jet" is a valuable asset to corporate clients.

Central Jet Charter Inc., can


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