Range with a full-fuel payload of 1,500 lb. is 3,200 nm, assuming spec completion weights. The Legacy 600 is a charter operator’s dream machine because it has unsurpassed dispatch reliability, easy maintenance and rock-bottom operating costs.

True to its roots as a work-a-day regional airliner, though, it initially climbs only into the mid-thirties and cruises at Mach 0.74 on long-range missions.

Embraer sought to keep purchase price in check so quality trade-offs were necessary.

Most aircraft are configured with a forward galley, a forward four-chair club section, a central four-seat conference grouping flacked by a cross-side credenza and an aft section with a convertible sofa sleeper plus two facing chairs.

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The Phenom 100E is the upgrade from the original Phenom 100.

The Premier one is a very light jet that can be considered a Light Jet.