In May 2005, the Falcon 900DX, with a range of 7,600km, made its maiden flight. It is based on the 900EX with a redesigned fuel system and is fitted with EASy avionics as standard.

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Certification was received in November 2005 and deliveries began shortly after. It replaced the 900C.Dassault announced the Falcon 900LX in May 2008.

The Falcon 900LX is based on the EX but has winglets and a range extended to 8,800km (4,7500nm). The new aircraft obtained certifications from both FAA and EASA by July 2010 and eventually replaced the 900EX

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Dassault has delivered more than 500 Falcon 900 aircraft globally, including 200 Falcon 900EX, DX and LX versions.

Low-weight and high-strength composite materials have been used extensively including Kevlar and carbon fiber materials.


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The Phenom 100E is the upgrade from the original Phenom 100.

The Premier one is a very light jet that can be considered a Light Jet.