Cabin Dimensions

Length 16 ft 8 in 5.08 m

Height 4 ft 9 in 1.45 m

Width 4 ft 6 in 1.37 m

Seating (Crew + Pax) 2 + 7 / 9*

Max Cruise Speed** 310 kt 574 km/h

Service Ceiling 35,000 ft 10.668 m

Max Range (Ferry + 1 Pilot) 1,610 nm 2.982 km

* by 2 optional Fold Up Seats

The King Air 250 Private Aircraft is the newest model of the famous King Air series. The Aircraft is especially optimized for Hot & High conditions. The King Air 250 and the Beechcraft Super King Air family is part of a line of twin-turboprop aircraft produced by Beechcraft.

king air 250
The King Air 250 Private Airplane new composite winglets and propellers deliver substantial improvements in takeoff performance, climb and max speed (now 310 knots). The legendary comfort of the King Air’s square-oval interior offers generous head and shoulder room, unmatched by conventional cabin cross-sections.

Take off in only 2,111 feet from a sea level Airport.

Max range of 1,740 nautical miles.

Max cruise speed of up to 310 knots.

Available Enhanced Payload Option with a 4,670 pound useful load.

Backed by the industry’s largest product-dedicated factory-owned global service network.

The King Air 250 Turboprop has a raisbeck ram air recovery system which was originally developed for retrofitting older models is now set as a new standard.

It ensures maximum power under icing conditions. The King Air 250 is also equipped with the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-52 engines (like the B200GT).

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The King Air 250 like its predecessors B200GT and B200 it can start and land almost anywhere at all the "Smaller Airports."

Indeed, the King Air 200 was the largest, most complex airplane a multi-engine rated pilot could theoretically simply hop in and fly.

Elegant interior touches make the King Air 250 a serious business solution with outstanding amenities to match.

king air 250 interior
The King Air 250 and the Super King Air family has been in continuous production since 1974,[6] the longest production run of any civilian turboprop aircraft in its class.

The King Air 250 has outlasted all of its previous competitors and as of 2009 the only other Aircraft in its class is the Piaggio Avanti.

Perhaps HBC’s most remarkable engineering achievement is making the King Air cabin seem so much bigger than it is, and that’s plenty big to begin with.

If it seems to you as though the Beechcraft King Air has been around forever, maybe that’s because, for most of us, it has been.

king air 250 inside
The King Air 250 in December of 2009, the B200, B200GT and the larger B300 are the production models.

Special mission derivative versions of these models are also available for order. These Aircraft also come with great Rates & Costs.

The King Air's are the world’s most popular business aircraft. Why? Because a medium-range business aircraft must be able to land almost anywhere and perform flawlessly in all conditions. The King Air 250 Turboprop Airplane.

The King Air 250 spacious club seating with integrated work tables allows you to get down to business in-flight or simply relax and dine with friends.

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The King Air 250 accomplishes these tasks better than any other aircraft in its class.

With the addition of composite components and a new ram air recovery system that ensures maximum power.

The King Air 250 continues to build on the reputation of keeping its passengers comfortable during every trip.

The King Air 250 has a spacious, handcrafted interior, the King Air 250 is remarkably versatile and comfortable.

The King Air 250 private aircraft start’s at $1,400 per hour and up. The King Air 250 Private Aircraft.



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