BOW remains unchanged, thereby preserving the aircraft’s 1,400-lb. full fuel payload, assuming typical equipment. Sea-level / standard day takeoff field length for G650ER is increased to 6,299 ft. from 5,858 ft. for G650.

The extra hour-plus of range should enable G650ER operators to fly nonstop from Carlsbad to Shanghai.

Large public companies that operate G650 include Dillard’s, Qualcomm and Walmart, plus Disney, ExxonMobil and Honeywell, along with Starbucks, Precision Castparts and Nike, according to FAA registration records.

Dyson, Abraxis BioScience and Euclidean Capital, plus Wynn Resorts, Berwind and Telefónica Internacional, along with Digicel, Daisho and Third Point also own or operate the aircraft.


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The Phenom 100E is the upgrade from the original Phenom 100.

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