Air Ambulances with Helicopters, jets or propellar aircraft.




"Air Ambulances Services, to over 6000 airports in the USA."

"Air Ambulance Medical Transport, of any type."

"V.I.P. Air Ambulance Transportation."

"Organ Transportation, when it needs to get there ASAP."

"We have an Charter an Empty Leg service."

"Medical Escort, on board if necessary."

"Medical Insurance, if pre-approved by your company."

"Rate $1,500 – $9,000/hr."

Air Ambulances are plane ambulances or helicopter ambulances that can transport ill or pyhsically impared patients to the hospital medical facilities they need to land at. The helicopters can land aright on top of the most hospitals and plane ambulances can get the patients where they need to go quickly.

Plane ambulance interior, airplane ambulance interior

Charter an AIR AMBULANCE at any time, because we can never tell when they might be needed. Air Ambulance services to any place in the world, 365/24/7, at any time!




  2. Air Ambulance ASAP

    Commercial medical escorts: For patients able to fly commercially, our highly-trained medical staff accompany your loved one as they are transported via special arrangements on a commercial jetliner.

    Airplane Ambulance Cabin
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    Exceptional care: Patients are our top priority. That’s why all of our team members, equipment and systems are top of the line.

    Domestic and international air ambulance: All aircraft utilized are equipped with the latest medical equipment for the patient’s safety and comfort.

    Ground ambulance: We coordinate ground transportation between facilities and airports, never leaving your loved one's side for a moment.

    Helicopter Ambulance Charter
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    "Central Jet Charter Inc." flight experience is second to none with many years experience with Air Ambulance Flights.

    And, you only get the best aero medical travel experience when you add genuine compassion to the mix.

    Air Ambulance Charter has never been easier because we do everything for you.


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