The Hawker 900XP is the last in a long line of Hawker Midsize Jets.

HAWKER 900XP Information

The 900XP is little changed, except for the engines, from the previous 850XP, which grew winglets for better climb and improved range.

Hawker 900XP Aircraft Charter
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New Honeywell TFE731-50R engines are so much better that all aspects of performance -- takeoff, climb, cruise speed, range.

They are improved, with no addition of fuel capacity. And operating costs are reduced too.

Hawker 900XP Airplane Charter
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Since the laws of aerodynamics are unchanged, a number of new and improved business jet offerings are upgrades of current products.

Previous owner Raytheon had made improvements in all three areas. On a standard day, the Hawker could hold its own against its mid-size competitors.

Hawker 900XP Plane Charter
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The 900XP is the result of replacing the 850XP's TFE731-5BR engines with TFE731-50Rs.

Both the -5BR and the newer -50R are rated at 4,660lb of thrust, but the -50R has a thermodynamic limit of 5,000lb, while the -5BR's is 4,660lb.

At 5,000ft pressure altitude and ISA +20oC conditions, the -50R's 3,970lb of thrust is a 4.5% improvement over the 5BR's 3,800lb.

In addition to higher thrust, the -50R offers reduced thrust specific fuel consumption, the result of over 70 design and material enhancements implemented by Honeywell.

For a 1,100km (600nm) stage length, Hawker Beechcraft says there is a 4% reduction in fuel burn, and improved temperature margins have increased inspection and overhaul intervals by nearly 50%.

These improvements are not without cost the newer, more-powerful and fuel-efficient engine is 20.4kg (45lb) heavier than its predecessor.

The Hawker 850XP has always been a load-and-go aircraft and the 900XP upgrade follows this rule.

While its basic operating weight has increased by 41kg from the 850XP's, maximum take-off weight has not changed.

Even with this minor reduction, eight passengers and their baggage can still be loaded with full fuel tanks.

The published range advantage varies, depending upon selected cruise speed, with the relative advantage greater at high-speed cruise.

With six passengers (a 545kg payload), Hawker lists an NBAA instrument flight rules range of 3,715km, a 315km improvement over the 850XP.


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  6. On a standard day, the 900XP has a 7% shorter take-off field length than the 850XP.

    Both aircraft weigh the same and have engines that produce the same amount of thrust, but a change in bookkeeping gives the 900XP the advantage.

    When the 850XP was certificated, no credit was taken for runway performance improvements generated by the addition of winglets.

    The Hawker 900XP Private Airplane features a cabin that includes stand-up headroom, LCD lighting, and touch-screen seat controls.

    It has fully-berthable seats and plenty of in-cabin storage. The cabin accommodates eight passengers.

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