The Global Express 8000 is the biggest and best that Bombardier makes.

The Global Express 8000 for private jet charter.

Passenger Capacity: 10-19

Cost to Buy $71 Million.

Range (nm): 7,800

Lavatory: Full

Airspeed (knots): 517

Cabin Width: 8’2″

Cabin Height: 6’3″

Cabin Length: 42’6″

Baggage Capacity: 194 cu. ft.

Rate $5,500 – $6,500/hr.

The Global Express 8000 Business Jet delivers unsurpassed range, speed and short field capabilities, connecting leaders to more destinations faster, and with greater efficiency than has ever previously been achievable. The incomparable "Global 8000 Business Jet" leads the evolution of business aviation with its consummate cabin comfort and remarkable non-stop range capability.

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The Global Express 8000 ultra long range jet which Bombardier calls the Global 8000 the world’s fastest Ultra-Long Range Private Jet. For those that need reliability and speed that use the extensive range capabilities of the "Global Express" this Private Aircraft can't be Beat.

"World’s farthest-reaching business jet promises faster connections between the places you need to be."

"More cabin space, window area and uncompromising comfort than any aircraft in its class."

"Engines providing next-generation power and efficiency with low fuel burn and low emissions."

Set in the cabin’s quietest area, and with its permanent bed option, the aft stateroom provides ‘home-like’ master bedroom comfort and intimacy. The private en-suite amenities, luxuriously detailed, can also be furnished with a true stand-up shower.

global express 8000 specifications
The Global Express 8000 Private Aircraft can fly eight passengers and three crew members 4,800 nautical miles nonstop at a speed of .85 Mach.

It is impressive in its speed, cabin size, and reliability.

"GLOBAL EXPRESS 8000" PRIVATE JET" has a cabin that still has plenty of room for cabin amenities and business equipment.

The full-sized galley comes with microwave, espresso machine, facilities for hot and cold food preparation and storage, and a custom china and cutlery set.

The Global Express 8000 cabin features a Rockwell Collins Cabin Electronics System (CES), which provides the cabin with high-speed internet, LAN connections, satellite TV, and a multimedia system (including a multi-disc CD player.

It also has two DVD players, and 3-D maps), wireless phones, scanner and fax machines, and several touch screens to control the cabin’s systems.

global express 8000 cabin
SPACIOUS DINING/CONFERENCE GROUPING: offering ease of service for multi-course meals and premier seating for all, the area is as well-suited to dining as it is to conferencing, and to laying out papers as it is to setting a laptop on the surface.

The Global Express 8000 was anything but stingy in the design of the Global 8000’s cabin. It is usually holds eight passengers, but can hold nineteen in a high-density configuration.

A SPACIOUS GALLEY THAT GOES THE DISTANCE: the increased galley size is infinitely more accommodating on longer flights. Its greater storage capacity allows for a larger and more varied food selection, as well as the necessary dinnerware and glasses.

"GLOBAL EXPRESS 8000" purpose was to design a balance of productivity and pleasure.

It is crafted with luxury and life style first and foremost in mind, the cabin of the Global 8000 private aircraft provides an unparalleled environment from which to lead the world.

The cabin measures 42.5 feet long, 8.2 feet wide, and 6.2 feet high – five feet shorter than the length of the "Global Express 8000."

interior global express 8000
LARGER WINDOWS THAT BROADEN YOUR PERSPECTIVE ON THE WORLD. The new Global 8000 Aircraft window design optimizes natural light at all seating locations and provides considerably improved viewing angles viewing range, seated or standing.

Six windows per zone are optimally aligned with seats and with monuments throughout all 3 living areas.

The first Global 7000 test aircraft is now being assembled. The Global 7000 will fly a maximum of 7,300 nm.

The slightly shorter Global 8000 will go 7,900 nm. (Those range numbers assume 10 passengers, four crew and a cruising speed of 487 knots/Mach 0.85.)

The incomparable Global Express 8000 business jet leads the evolution of Business Aviation with its consummate cabin comfort and remarkable non-stop range capability.

A power lunch or a family dinner, your dining table balances work and pleasure, crafted with luxury and lifestyle in mind.

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A large galley ensures extraordinary culinary experiences. Take in a movie, enjoying front row comfort like never before.

SEATS THAT LET YOU DEFINE COMFORT: The new seat design provides unprecedented comfort over longer flights.

All seats are berthable to provide bed-like comfort for all passengers. Additionally, they enhance cabin aesthetics with their warmth and elegance.

It will be divided into three zones and will accommodate up to 19 passengers and two to four crew members.

New broad windows will allow maximum natural light into the cabin.

The Global Express 8000 Ultra Long Range Jet can be chartered for $5,800 per hour and up. The Global Express 8000 Private Jet.



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  5. "GLOBAL EXPRESS 8000, Jet Charter!"

    The Bombardier Global 7000 and Global 8000 are ultra long-range corporate and VIP high speed jet aircraft under development by Bombardier Aerospace.

    "Global Express 8000 Air Charter"
    inside global express 8000, private jet, Private Jet Charter
    The program has been delayed by 24 months, although some clients are delayed by up to 36 months.

    Entry into service for the Global 7000 is expected in 2018, and the Global 8000 in 2019.

    The Global 8000, planned to be able to fly farther than any other existing business jet, will feature a three-zone 2,236 cu.ft. (63.32 cu.m.) cabin and a range of 7,900 nmi (14,631 km) at Mach 0.85.

    It is planned to be able to connect Sydney to Los Angeles, Hong Kong to New York, and Mumbai to New York non-stop with eight passengers, and to reach a high-speed cruise of Mach 0.90. Entry into service is scheduled for 2019.

    "Global Express 8000 Plane Charter"
    global express 8000, private jet, global express, jet charter
    Final assembly of the aircraft began in September 2011 at Bombardier's Toronto manufacturing site in Canada.

    The aft fuselage of the aircraft is being built at Bombardier's Queretaro site in Mexico.

    In March 2011, NetJets ordered 50 Global business aircraft under a $2.8bn contract. The contract includes 20 firm orders for the Global 7000 and Global 8000 aircraft. Deliveries are scheduled to start in 2017.

    Private Jet Charter in the Global Express 8000. The Global Express has a range of over 7000 miles.

    The Globol Express 8000 is the ultimate long range private jet.


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