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The Citation Jet makes it possible for nonstop flights with maximum passengers including Los Angeles to Aspen, and Washington, D.C. to Miami.

The company has produced 1,450 CJs in all. These airplanes have helped Cessna dominate the market for light, small-cabin jets up to the boundary of midsize.

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citation jet cabin
In some cases Cessna’s competitors have tried, with limited success, to create an alternative vision of the light jet paradigm that Cessna seems to have both invented and perfected.

That original Citation Jet was a wonder. At a top cruise speed of 380 knots, it was between 30 and 40 knots faster than its predecessor, and it was lighter while having similar payload numbers.

Today the CJ lineup includes three airplanes, the CJ2+, the CJ3 and the flagship CJ4. The derivatives started coming in 2000, when Cessna delivered the first CJ1.

There are relatively few truly significant product introductions in the short history of the entry-level business/personal jet, yet most of them have been pioneered by one company, Cessna Aircraft.

The Model 525 CitationJet is the quintessential entry level jet. Designed in the late 1980s to replace Cessna’s popular Citation and Citation I and compete against twin turboprops and other light jets, the FAR Part 23 airplane is certified for single-pilot operations and is flown by many owner-pilots and flight departments that operate only one airplane.

The Citation Jet utilizes the original Citation’s fuselage, shortened 11 inches and with a lower center aisle to provide more cabin height.

Almost everything else about the Model 525 was new or improved.

The Citation Jet was Cessna’s first business jet to use a true laminar-flow wing, and the aircraft, unlike its predecessor, sports a T-tail.

"Citation Jet Interior"
citation jet interior, private jet, charter aircraft, rental plane
Power is provided by two 1,900-pounds-thrust Williams FJ44-1 turbofans mounted on the aft fuselage.

The flight deck features a Honeywell SPZ-5000 three-axis autopilot/digital flight director, Bendix/King CNI 5000 panel-mount avionics, and Honeywell RDS 81 color radar, although later Citation Jets used the RDR 2000 radar.

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