(b) You assume all liability and responsibility for your safety, schedule, baggage, cargo, business and personal activities and financial ramifications associated with your air reservations and travel arranged by us at Central Jet Charter Inc. and performed by the air charger suppliers;

(c) You, your agents, guests or passengers or any employees, if applicable , shall not engage in any act or possess any substance or allow cargo to contain any substance which may result in the seizure or forfeiture, or unsafe operation of the aircraft used in the charter contracted for you by "Central Jet Charter Inc."

(d)"Central Jet Charter Inc." makes no representations or warranties of any kind, either express or implied, as to any matter limited to, implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability or otherwise.


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We offer any type of private jet charter services.

The Phenom 100E is the upgrade from the original Phenom 100.

The Premier one is a very light jet that can be considered a Light Jet.