Once the trip is complete, the medical escort will accompany the patient to the receiving facility, and provide their post-flight report to ensure a safe and smooth transition for the patient.

"AIRCRAFT AMBULANCE BOOKING" are made easy with us. Family members or companions are welcome and encouraged to accompany the patient throughout our commercial medical escort transfers. The family member has the choice to sit in first class with our nurse and patient, or may sit in economy for a more cost effective method of traveling.

For patients that are in stable condition, and are able to be seated in a commercial aircraft, flying with an our medical escort is a cost-effective and safe alternative to utilizing a private air ambulance.

The medical aircraft are equipped with state of the art avionics allowing us to fly worldwide, regularly completing air ambulance flights to Mexico, Europe, South America, The Caribbean, Canada, the Middle East, and Asia.

"Plane Ambulance Private 


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The Phenom 100E is the upgrade from the original Phenom 100.

The Premier one is a very light jet that can be considered a Light Jet.