Passenger Capacity: 25 – 200

Lavatory: Full

Airspeed (MPH): 469

Range (nm): 5,600

Cabin Width: 11′ 6″

Cabin Height: 7′

Cabin Length: 79′ 2″

Baggage Capacity: 640 cu. ft.

The Boeing BBJ MAX 7 and 8 will fly farther, increase revenue and provide the lowest seat mile cost of any airplane in its class.

The BBJ Max 7, 8, & 9 family is Boeing's most successful aircraft range and the latest Max model - which is due to be delivered in 2017 with launch customer Southwest Airlines - was borne out the desire for airlines to have more fuel efficient planes. And we have the V.I.P. configuration as well.

boeing BBJ Max 8, BBJ Max 8 exterior, private jet charter
The airplane will open new markets and provide exceptional performance for high elevation airports and opens new opportunities for low cost carrier airlines. The improved BBJ Max 8 — A Better Way to Fly!

BBJ Max Efficiency delivers 8% lower operating costs than its main competitor. The new BBJ Max Advanced Technology winglet increases fuel efficiency by 1.8%.

BBJ Max Reliability – the benefit of 99.7% dispatch reliability is that an airline with a fleet of 100 737 MAXs will avoid delaying over 65,000 passengers

boeing BBJ Max, max cabin, BBJ Max interior, private jet charter
BBJ Max Passenger Appeal is found in the new Boeing Sky Interior, which dramatically elevates the passenger experience

Better environmental performance. The superior fuel efficiency of the BBJ Max reduces carbon emissions. The quieter BBJ Max has a 40% smaller noise footprint than today's single-aisle airplanes

boeing 737 max, 737 max interior, private jet charter
The BBJ Max is the fourth generation of the BBJ Max family, with the primary change being the use of the larger and more efficient CFM International LEAP-1B engines and modifications to the airframe.

As of June 30, 2016, Boeing has 3,218 firm orders for the aircraft. The 737 MAX first flew on January 29, 2016, nearly 49 years after the maiden flight of the 737 on April 9, 1967; the MAX is scheduled for first delivery in 2017 with launch customer Southwest Airlines.


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