Central Jet Charter Inc." has a lot of answers to all your questions. There are numerous, "Private Jet Services" but we stand out because of our commitment to your service and ability to answer any of your questions.

Before deciding on which one to entrust with your safety and well-being, especially those of your family friends and colleagues you need to ask some questions about your "Charter Flight."

1) "Who is the FAA certified operator that will do your CHARTER FLIGHT?"

At your request we will notify you of the operator name and their proof of his/her pilot license/certificate. You also have the right to verify this information with the FAA to ensure that the business is legitimate and operating safely.

2) "What level of experience does the "PRIVATE JET CHARTER" operator have?"

To earn a "Private Jet" pilot’s license through the FAA, a Flight Operator must complete 40-60 hours of flying and flight school, minimum. Additionally , 50 hours of Pilot in command time and 40 hours of Flight and/or simulator training are required. In order to fly passengers they must earn a FAA commercial pilot’s license/certificate.


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