Passenger Capacity: 8 – 50

Lavatory: Full

Airspeed (MPH): 470

Range (nm): 5,435

Cabin Width: 11′ 6″

Cabin Height: 7′ 1"

Cabin Length: 107′ 2″

Baggage Capacity: 840 cu. ft.

The Boeing Business JET III (3) (BBJ3) Charter Flights are pure luxury and comfort, the BBJ3 and the rest of the BBJ fleet provide one of the most advanced platforms in private or regular aviation. This aircraft is gutter and made into a luxruy home in the sky. It can seat any where from 8 to 60 passengers.

"BBJ 3 V.I.P."
boeing business jet 3
The Boeing Business JET III (3) (BBJ3) V.I.P. Airliner is a big commercial airliner that has been made into a V.I.P. Airliner and is a luxury home in the sky. This is one of the biggest luxury aircraft made. It can cost $10k per hour and up to charter.

boing business jet 3 specifications
The Boeing Business JET III (3), (BBJ3) celebrated the tenth anniversary of the "Boeing Business Jet" (BBJ) in 2006 by unveiling the BBJ 3, the third and largest variant of the company’s pioneering V.I.P. airliner, based on the world’s most successful airliner. It comes with a full size bathroom, kitchen and living room.

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Charter a Boeing Business Jet 3 (BBJ3) because at 1,120 square feet, it is 11 percent larger than the BOEING BUSINESS JET 2 and a whopping 35 percent bigger than the BBJ’s 807 square feet. Maximum range with eight auxiliary fuel tanks is 5,475 nautical miles.

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The BBJ's have served as platform for integrating and implementing the latest aviation technologies. For examples, the blended wing-lets from Air Partners found on almost all airlines’ 737s today were developed for the BBJ3.

boeing business jet 3 vip
BOEING BUSINESS JET (BBJ3) has the Enhanced Vision System (EVS) and the auxiliary fuel system aboard some commercial 737s were also developed for the "BBJ."

For those who are not satisfied with the normal private air assets and believes that good does not happen much, buying Boeing Business Jet will be the perfect solution.

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The Boeing Business JET III (3) is capable of traveling large legs, the "BBJ3" has a strong powerhouse.

The (BBJ3) or Boeing Business JET 3 private jet start’s at $10,000 per hour and up. The The Boeing Business JET III (3) (BBJ3).


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