Crew: one.

Capacity: five passengers.

Range 750 NM.

Cabin Height: 4' ft 1"

Cabin Height: 3' ft 6"

Cabin Length: 8' ft 2"

The Piper Seminole has a payload: 1,600 lb (725 kg) cargo.
The Piper Seminole is second twin targeted for the multi-engine training market is the Piper PA-44-180 Seminole. This model has gained acceptance at a number of American and international flight schools. In fact, that's its primary market.

piper Seminole
The Piper Seminole has been with us for some 35 years, and its popularity at university/institutional and other flight schools only seems to grow year by year. Each Piper trainer interior is designed with both maximum comfort and maximum durability in mind.

piper Seminole interior
The Piper Seminole has international sales which have been a significant factor in the airplane's success.

This is a tribute to Piper's warranty and service efforts, always one of the strongest sales points for the Vero Beach, Fla., company.

For those who do buy the Seminole for personal or business transport, cruise is 160 knots following a climb at 1,300 fpm.

piper seminole cabin
The ergonomic seating keeps both the students and instructors relaxed, making the ability to focus on the flight at hand easier.

The Piper Seminole heavy-duty vinyls and wear-resistant leathers are hand-fitted to the seats and side-walls, purposed to withstand repetitive use. Air conditioning is available with each aircraft.

piper Seminole aircraft
The Piper Seminole exterior styling utilizes a polyurethane white paint base and choice of two fuselage vinyl trim stripes.

Registration numbers and logos are color coordinated. Custom paint schemes are quoted upon request.

It was built with an eye toward safety. In the light twin's glory years of the 1950s and 1960s, flight instructors and designated examiners had little federal guidance on practical test standards.

piper Seminole interior seating
Even with its standard G-1000 flight deck and easy-to-maintain metal construction, the Seminole still has a lower acquisition cost than the competition.

The Piper Seminole private aircraft start’s at $900 per hour and up. The Piper Seminole.

The Piper Seminole Private Plane has clearly established itself to be the best multi-engine trainer available today.

With over twenty years of proven service, both students and instructors can appreciate its ability to perform advanced maneuvers and procedures skillfully and safely.


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